APRS – Bob Bruninga WB4APR, created the Automatic Packet Reporting System which is now included in many VHF radios, and used by millions around the globe.

VaraHF Modem – Jose Alberto Nieto Ros EA5HVK adapted ODFM for ham radio operation. The VaraHF Modem is necessary for how we are using HF APRS today.

NA7Q – SMS Gateway allows to text phone from APRS client. Also has great APRS Messaging client and more.

VARA APRS – Facebook Group dedicated to using Vara modem on APRS.

PinPoint – PinPoint is a free Windows-based APRS client that is very easy to use.

YAAC – Yet Another APRS Client is a full featured APRS client for Windows, Mac, Pi and Linux. A favorite of WB7APR before his passing.

APRSIS32 – A fully featured Windows APRS client with many options.

APRSDroid – A little bit tricky, but if you have Bluetooth on your computer, it’s possible to use APRSDroid on an Android device.

APRS Password – 2M0SQL’s APRS-IS password generator. You will need a passcode if you want to send information to the APRS-IS servers (IGate)

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