Mobile HF

There are easy ways to get onto high frequency ham bands while mobile. And there are hard ways. I tend to do both, here’s a bit about my setup.

First, my mobile radio is a Yaesu FT-900. This was one of the first HF amateur radios made with a removable face, if not the first. Made back in the 90s, it still a decent rig. My ONLY issue that that I can narrow the receive filter to cut out some of the extra SSB interference. Someday I’ll find one of the 500hz crystal filters for it….

That said, it does work for my needs. It is connected to an inexpensive MiniPC via an Xggcomms Digimode3 USB soundcard adapter. I used this setup, well, except for the miniPC, for many years on FT8, Oliva, Hellschriber and SSTV. I use an ethernet cable separation kit from etsy to keep the radio in the backseat and display upfront with me.

The MiniPC runs APRSIS32 and VaraHF, and is connected to a 7″ touchscreen. I typically just have to turn everything on, and go. Though I do some messaging when parked.

I use a 40m SharkStick Mini attached to the hatch of my 4Runner. I have been VERY impressed with the compromised whip. I’d love to upgrade to a Tarheel, but I think the radio might be upgraded before the antenna.

Also in the truck is a CB (lots of active logging around here), Yaesu FTM-400, ICom ID-5100 and Midland GMRS radio

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