Virus? Windows Attack? No…

A lot of ham radio operators are some pretty smart folks. If they can’t find something they want, they make it. This carries over to a lot of the software that is used on ham radio. These amateurs brought us a lot of great software over the years, not the least of which for this blog includes VaraHF and some APRS client software.

Because this software is created by radio users, there often lacks publishing details that throws red-flags in Windows and some anti-virus software. Typically this means that there’s no company to assign to the software and Windows doesn’t know how to handle that.

Rest assured, click on the “More info” link and then click on “Run anyway” down at the bottom.

It costs money to get a certificate for a piece of software. It can get quite expensive, and we’re not into radio for the money. Considering every ameteur radio callsign comes with a publicly listed name and address, you should feel pretty safe.






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